Thursday, September 30, 2010

If It's Wrong, I'm Not Sure I Want To Be Right

Maybe it's wrong, but I felt a little twinge of satisfaction this afternoon. We homeschool (actually, he's enrolled in a virtual public school), so while I did send an email to his assigned teacher with the information she'll need to work with him, I do most of the actual "schooling". The only formal class or activity he's involved in right now is karate. He's been taking classes for about three years now. The instructors at his school are *wonderful*. However, they're working with anywhere from 15-30 kids per class and karate is all about discipline. I've watched many times as he's looked around in confusion after the class was given instructions because it didn't quite sink in before everyone was running around to do what they were supposed to do. Of course, the obvious conclusion is that a child who doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing, wasn't paying attention. And we've struggled for years with sit-ups and push-ups. At one point, I even asked one of the instructors to show J and me how to do a push-ups correctly, because I thought maybe he was having so much trouble because he was trying to do it wrong.

*None* of the instructors ever scolded him or made fun of him for any of this, yet as a mother, I couldn't help but feel a little bit of, "I *knew* my child wasn't lazy or goofing off in class" when I (calmly) talked to one of the instructors this afternoon and told her he has Asperger's, his "inattentiveness" was actually caused by auditory processing issues, and that his problems with the sit-ups and push-ups were because the part of the brain that controls muscle tone is also affected. At least I made it through the  "Mama Bear" moment without growling at anyone.

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Anonymous said...

I so understand how you feel. My son is the same way, having to have instructions repeated to him 3-4 times before he gets it. He used to be bullied at school for "running like a GIRL!!!!" I put him in our states virtual public school 13 months ago and he has started coming out of his shell some! We had a set back this week, while participating in Cub Scouts, and as a result will be suspended for a while. But considering what happened, I think they are being fair. Good luck and I look forward to following some more of what you and your son are going through!

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