Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 2: Days 1 & 2

Two days into Week 2 and while I hadn't expected any progress this early, we are seeing some physical progress, although behaviors have stayed the same.

He's working on the deep breathing, although at this point it's more like he's blowing up a balloon than slowly inhaling and exhaling. But anything that doesn't require going 100 miles an hour is going to take us some time to work into. The stretching is still not "calming". I wonder if the carpet (or rather the distraction of lint on the carpet) is a factor. Tomorrow we'll try a towel or maybe my yoga mat under his head and see if that helps.

He's still having a lot of trouble with the eye exercises. We do it as long as he can stand it, which isn't long. He's still on Level 1 on all the exercises. He barely makes it through three of the ten slow-tracking exercises, so we've got a long way to go there.

He finally got over his cold and I tried the earplugs, but that was not happening. He can deal with ear-muff-type protectors over his ears, but the little ear plugs in his ear is just too much. So we're just sticking with the eye patch and CD while he does part of his schoolwork. We're supposed to work up to two hours. Right now I have to coax him to finish the 35 minute CD. Both the music and the eye patch bother him. He's also wearing the one sock around the house for part of the day. He calls it "The Sock of Wisdom". LOL

But we do have some progress! I can spin him now and stop without him feeling like he's still spinning. He's still feeling dizzy in his head & stomach, though. His balance exercise, where he puts one foot in front of the other, is improving a little. His best time last week was 13 seconds. Today he made it 20 seconds with one foot in front and 19 seconds with the other. The book doesn't say to do it both ways, but we were experimenting to see if one was better than the other. On his bridge core exercise, he can hold himself all the way up for 60 seconds (today and yesterday), but he's wobbly. He's supposed to be strong enough to hold still while he does it, so even if he does it like this the rest of the week, he's still not quite ready to move up to Level 2.

He still needs work on the Prone Bridge Core Stability exercise. He can hold his limbs up for 15 seconds, but not straight and not strong. He did 16 Curl-ups today and we're still working on those push-ups. I've got him doing knee push-ups so he can work on his form, then as he gets stronger, he can move to real push-ups. He's still not getting any of the numbers right on the Number Tracing exercise.

We went outside yesterday for his Aerobic exercise, which was running in place. Or running anywhere. There are just too many distractions outside for this to work. He kept wanting to stop and pick up sticks. (We went out later so he could play with sticks.) Today was jumping. It was supposed to be jumping in place. We started inside, with the jump rope as a circle for him to stay inside. After a minute or so, he asked if he could jump rope. So we went outside and he jumped rope for about 10 minutes. He got up to three jumps without missing.

After several days debating with myself about how to go about the food testing (biofeedback with a naturopath I don't know, blood testing referred by a holistic doctor I don't know, or blood testing referred by our regular pediatrician, which is more likely to be paid for by insurance), I called our pediatrician and asked for a referral. When I called the allergist's office, the lady who answered the phone didn't even know if they do food sensitivity testing. I told her I really didn't want to pay my co-pay only to get into the office and find out they couldn't do what I want. So she put me on hold to go ask. Turns out they do the testing, so he has an appointment on the 21st. Maybe with the food issue clear, we can make better progress... Not that I'm complaining. It's a 12-week program and we're only in Week 2. And I fully expect to have to work for longer than 12 weeks. The Brain Balance center expected him to need two 3-month sessions because of the wide discrepancy between his "brain age" and his true age. I don't see how I can expect to make quicker progress at home.

I was trying to figure out why I feel so worn out since we started this. It's not that demanding, really. It only takes us about an hour every day. I think it's just emotionally draining. And now Little Brother has decided that he's ready to use the potty, so we have that thrown into the mix.

And your riddle for the day: What do you get when you cross rain with a bow?
Answer: A wet bow
His dad & I were silly enough to both say, "a rainbow".  If he's already smarter than we are, at 8, we have a looong road ahead. LOL

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