Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 2: Days 3 & 4

Yesterday, time got away from us and the only thing we got done was the music/eye patch time (still at 35 painful minutes) and activity time. At least now he enjoys being outside for some reason. He's always enjoyed playing outside at the park, but not at home. Part of it is that there are other kids at the park, but that's not all of it. Maybe part of the reason he's wanting to be outside more lately is because his brother is finally getting old enough to play with him outside. Whatever the reason, I'm glad. Of course, now I have to drag them both back in so we can get other things done. Like schoolwork and eating.

Today, we used my yoga mat and that seemed to help with the carpet distractions. His balance is still running steady. He's wobbly, but I can see an improvement. I can also see how hard he's trying. I keep promising him this will all pay off. I have to believe it will. The small changes I've seen so far have been encouraging. He's still wobbly with the bridge, but he's able to hold it for 60 seconds. Now, before he does his curl-ups, he argues about the name. Because picking things apart is one of his favorite past times. But he did 10 today, of whatever you want to call them. We went outside so he (they) could run. He did jump rope until it got too windy. Previously, he could only do two jumps before he had to start over. One day, he did three. Today he did several, five or six. Neither of us counted, for some reason, but he did notice and I did congratulate him. Accomplishments like that really help his confidence, so I was really happy to see it. I suspect it was more a result of all his practice than anything else, but whatever works.

Our big success of the day was the number tracing exercise. He got three out of three of the numbers right!

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crazyladyx5 said...

YAY!! Improvement will help his self esteem too and see that this IS working.

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