Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 5

Sorry I lost a week. During Week 4, we were having several days of storms here, so there were days I didn't even turn on the computer. The laptop was on just long enough to get schoolwork done. We're pretty much still at the same place on all the exercises, though. He's still only doing the eye patch/music exercise for 35 minutes (the length of the CD) a day. I ask him about once a week if we can try doing it for an hour, but it still irritates him, so I'm not pushing it.

I've been thrilled to notice that for the past few weeks, he's been able to find kids to play with when we go to park days or PE or parties. Right now, that's all that matters. He's happy. I'm happy. I don't see any changes in his behavior so I don't see how it could be related to the program, but it's still a positive change, so it works for me. The exercises we can work on for months if we need to, but a 9-year-old boy (he had a birthday this week) needs friends.

I've been calling around trying to find a place to do IgG (food allergy & sensitivity) testing. Specifically, one that will be covered by the insurance. My husband was talking to his chiropractor about it and they do the testing there. I hadn't called them because they're about an hour away (near my husband's job), but I'll call them today and see what we can set up. So hopefully, we can get that taken care of soon and take some of the stresses off his body.

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