Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 7 - Progress!

We've mastered Level 1 for one of the exercises! He no longer feels dizzy when spinning slowly. That's a big change considering when we started, he was so disoriented that when we stopped spinning, he thought we had started spinning the opposite direction. We're not seeing any progress in any other areas, but we're celebrating this!

I've been wondering about something. I keep reading that Aspies have no imaginative skills. It's true that he's pretty rigid sometimes as far as "He's playing with that the wrong way." So he does have some trouble with seeing other uses for items. But that's not the norm for him. His norm is everything he sees is something else. His bat is a crutch or a gun. A sock is a glove, not because he doesn't know what a sock is for, but just because he wants it to be glove right then. His stuffed animals are all "alive" and have feelings. He has his own world that he's named and comes complete with it's own language (also with a name). He's in his make-believe world more than he's in the real one. And John Elder Robison (author of Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's) apparently had quite a vivid imagination growing up. He not only told some amazing tall tales, he had people believing them. So I'm having trouble with the "no imagination" thing.

I also had several people tell me that my son couldn't possibly have Asperger's because he likes to cuddle. He does like to cuddle, more than I'm usually comfortable with because of my own issues. But he's very sensitive to clothes. I'm not sure if I'm asking something here or just pointing out that while there are certainly Aspie "generic" traits, every person is an individual and every person acts differently.

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