Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Do You Handle Special Diets?

If you have just one child on a special diet how do you handle what siblings are allowed to eat? At home, I try to only keep things in the house that are "safe" so that he knows that if it's in the house, he can eat it. Also, it's a lot of time and trouble to make extra meals. It's much easier to just cook or bake safe foods then everyone eats the same thing.

Away from home, though, it's a little different. Little Brother is only 2 1/2 and it's hard to explain to him why everyone else is eating cake or cookies (or whatever) and he can't. He's not the one with food issues (as far as we know). J is nine, though and he understands that there are things he can't eat. He doesn't like it, but he understands it. And I always bring him something so he has something safe to eat. It's just not always the same thing everyone else is eating. Someone made the remark this weekend that it's not fair that Little Brother gets to eat cake but J doesn't. Since J can't, Little Brother shouldn't be able to, either.

Input? Advice? Suggestions? How do you handle special diets in your family?

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Paige said...

My brother's two daughters have Celiac disease, and his wife keeps everything in the house safe for them. I think his son eats what he wants when he's out, but at home he follows their diet.

Emma (my oldest) is allergic to red food coloring, specifically the kind that's used in frostings, as I am, and so we've never had cakes with red, orange or pink icing. If we go to a party with those colors on the cake she usually decides if she wants to eat cake or not, and we use a different knife to cut a piece where there's no color. She's worked on acclimating herself to it, though, and she did eat a bit at a party a couple years ago and didn't have a reaction.

It's not the same as a special diet, but something I always watched for when she was too small to tell for herself. :)

Anna always ate any cake she wanted, though....while I do think it's reasonable to keep only *safe* foods at home, I don't see a problem with allowing a sibling to eat whatever they wish when they're out.

Perhaps is *isn't* fair for little brother to eat cake if big brother can't, but life isn't fair sometimes, and this is a good -real- example of one of those wouldn't be fair to little brother to restrict him unnecessarily, either...

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