Who are you?
I'm just a mom who wants to help her son feel better and more in control of his life. He wants to be able to ride his bike and not scream at his little brother for every little thing.

What are you doing?
Experimenting. Trying to not go crazy. (It was a short trip anyway.) I'm trying to do whatever I need to to help my son do the things he wants to in life. Sometimes it doesn't work out. We'll keep trying.

Why are you writing a blog about it?
Because I can? :-) I need to keep a progress journal anyway. I have no idea what the results will be.  Whatever the results, maybe this blog will help another family in some way. I've set up several ways to follow this blog so those interested can follow in whatever way is most convenient.

NetworkedBlogs vs. Facebook Page
You can do either or both. NetworkedBlogs has its own News Feed that doesn't go to your main News Feed. If you already check your NB Feed regularly, then you're good there. If not, you may want to "like" the facebook page, which will push the blog posts to your main News Feed as their published. (Or shortly thereafter.)

What's with the picture of the bike?
The bike and the balls represent the things he wants to do, but can't because his mind and body won't cooperate. He actually has a full-size bike that he requested a couple years ago, but he's never been able to ride it. It's collecting dust in the carport.

Book Suggestions
The book suggestions are books I have personally read and recommend. You can get the book from your library, (you can get books for free, but be prepared to wait a while for popular books), eBay,, or Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate and if you purchase the books through my Amazon store, I do receive a (very) small referral fee. 
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