Monday, October 7, 2013

Giveaway: YumEarth Organic & Natural Halloween Candy


YumEarth’s great taste comes from real fruit juice and natural ingredients, instead of scary artificial colors and flavors.

YumEarth, the #1 organic candy in the US, makes Halloween treats kids love and parents approve. Growing numbers of families are looking for food choices that taste good and are good for you, too. YumEarth has pioneered a successful combination of natural ingredients and unique flavors that taste BETTER than conventional candy made with scary artificial colors and dyes. This Halloween don’t trick kids, instead treat them to YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears, YumEarth Organics Lollipops, YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans and new YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks.

Made with real fruit juice and planet-friendly and natural ingredients, YumEarth contains no artificial colors or flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup and no major allergens, such as gluten, nuts and dairy. Each serving provides 100% of daily vitamin C and has 70 calories or less.

YumEarth Organics Lollipops come in eight fun and celebrated flavors: Pomegranate Pucker, Wet-face Watermelon. Strawberry Smash, Googly Grape, Very Very Cherry, Perfectly Peach, Razzmatazz Berry and Mango Tango.

YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears are the world’s first organic gummy bears with the quintessential bouncy texture of a traditional gummy in mouth-watering fruit flavors: Pomegranate Pucker, Strawberry Smash, Mango Tango and new Perfectly Peach.

YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans are called “the best jelly beans I’ve ever tasted,” by Phil Lempert, The Today Show Food Critic and Super Market Guru. YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans sets itself apart from other jelly beans by using real fruit juice, fruit extracts and natural ingredients to create mouth-watering flavors bursting with an unforgettable sour kick.

New YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks are delicious 100% vegan fruit snacks in fantastic flavors kids loves: Banana, Cherry, Peach and Strawberry. This Halloween, kids will go bananas for the taste and parents will be “berry” happy with the ingredients of YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks.

“Halloween is a fantastic holiday. Families spend the evening together walking around their community, talking to their neighbors and having fun. Halloween will become even better, as more and more families across the country share the delicious gift of YumEarth treats, made with natural ingredients instead of scary artificial dyes and flavors,” says Rob Wunder, co-founder of YumEarth and father of three boys.

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